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Nov 20, 2012 02:37 PM

5 lb Cross rib roast

Your help with cooking a cross rib roast was very helpful but I need to know how long to cook 5lb roast at 225 degrees. Need information before December 15th
Thank you.

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  1. If you haven't bought it yet, I would reconsider that cut. I had never seen it before I moved to the West and was curious what it was. I was surprised to learn that it is a lean cut of chuck, marketed to suggest it's suitable for roasting. I tried, just out of curiosity. It was terrible. Even though I cooked it only to very rare, it was tough and tasteless.

    When I am looking for an inexpensive cut of beef to roast, I use top round and usually get decent results.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    1. You cook it till it's done. Get a thermometer with a probe.

      1. Depending on the shape of the roast and the accuracy of your can expect a minimum of 25 minutes per pound......or up to 45-50 minutes per pound to reach Medium-Rare.

        It would help if you stated the temperature you are shooting for as the final result.

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          Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I will take your advice and cook the five pound cross rib roast at 225 for 45-50 minutes per pound and hope it turns out medium rare (or at least tender).

          1. re: imour

            Not knowing the thickness or shape of the particular roast you will be be safe, you should start checking at the 2.5 hour mark...If you have the time to dedicate 5 hours total time, then i would suggest you roast at a lower temp of 210-215* until it hits 122-125*....which at that time you would pull the roast and rest the meat for at least an hour, but up to two hours. You can do this covered outside the oven....or in the oven on the lowest warm setting of 140*. To warm the roast for serving, you can give it a high heat blast in a preheated 450* oven for 8-10 minutes. You pull the roast and slice immediately. There is no need for a second resting period.

            Here are a couple of threads that show you the process with a Top Sirloin/Knuckle Roast and Chuck Roast. Although they are for different cuts of meat, the method is the same and you can realize similar results.. ..Remember the shape of the roast is more important than the weight for a 5 pound roast.



            Read acgold7's experience below and you will see the low and slow method works and you can hold the meat easily for an hour or longer to give you confidence.


        2. Since it's chuck we're talking about here, perhaps this thread would be of some help. I know it says 'pot roast' but it was an experiment on oven roasted chuck. The OP in the thread said he actually preferred the chuck to other types of roast when all was said and done. Tastier and affordable too.

          ETA: I just noticed that the OP of that thread (fourunder) has already responded to you above me. Doh.

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            It's nice to know someone else besides me remembers the threads I started....Thanks.

            : 0 )

            btw....the 12 pound roast was purchased on sale for about $25 @ 2.09/ of the best roasts I ever made.....including prime rib.

            imour. ...the following permalink show results for what I believe is a roast exactly like yours another member made. it has a nice picture of their results.


            1. re: fourunder

              I loved that thread and have used it as a guide for many delicious roasts, not just chuck. It's been a great help on my search for beefy goodness.

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                There's a reason he's the Dean of the Chowhound School of oven roasting meat.

          2. A recent Cross Rib Roast made to Medium-Rare perfection

            Tutorial and Pictures are available for you to see the final results in the following thread.