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Nov 20, 2012 02:03 PM

Clever French Press in a Cup

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  1. hmmm... DH is a french press fanatic... :)

    1. Just added to my Christmas list.

      1. Starbuck's has marketed a French press travel mug for a while...not sure who makes, but works well. Here's a link to a Bodum model on their site:

        Thing is, a mug for home use is OK, but not much more of a hassle to brew in a regular French press and decant to your favorite mug (which you can't take with). Maybe nice at work though! With the travel mug, you pour in your hot water on the way out the door, hit the plunger a few minutes later, and you are good to go.

        1. My only problem with these (and the starbuck's travel French press mug I was given as a gift) is that the coffee continues to steep, even after it is pressed, in a press pot. Therefore, you are going to quickly start drinking over-extracted coffee.

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          1. re: Klunco

            Then drink quicker! :-) Seriously, most coffee nursed during a commute is not consumed for quality but to keep the eyes open long enough to get to work. And guessing decent coffee brewed in a French press is going to be way less nasty than anything from a gas station.

          2. why not just get an aeropress? this looks like a cheap knockoff of that.

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            1. re: linus

              1. I don't know about the "cheap knock-off" part, looks like a nicely made glass device (and by that reasoning the Aeropress is just a knock-off of a French press).

              2. It's a convenience item. For someone who wishes to drink their own coffee at work this is a way to do it without any fuss. Add coffee, add hot water, steep and drink. The Aeropress just adds more clutter.

              1. re: ferret

                I'd think the aeropress is probably a little more versatile as single cup maker (can more easily use different grind sizes, capable of Americano style brews, etc). This one is probably a little more convenient.

                This looks like a decent product. Assuming it's made of glass and since it's significantly smaller than a standard french press, I'd wonder if it has any problems in terms of the water temperature dropping too quickly while brewing, especially if it requires a coarse grind like most french presses. I'd wonder what some of the guys from have to say about it once a few of em review it.