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Ways to use prepared horseradish? (Beyond beef and cocktail sauce!)

Does anyone have any creative uses for prepared horseradish? I love the stuff and like to add it to sandwiches/wraps/etc. but would love some new ideas. (I eat seafood but not other meats.)

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  1. A little bit in deviled eggs and bloody mary's

    1. Excellent in mashed potatoes and potato salad.

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        These are what I opened the thread to add :) I love it along with sour cream and butter in the mash. Really, anything, especially something creamy, where you want a bit of a bite :)
        Also mixed with mayonnaise and (optional) dijon mustard as a sandwich spread. It's great with turkey and swiss cheese or cheddar.

        ETA: Whoops, just read your OP where you already use it in sandwiches.... and no meat...sorry!

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          ...and something creamy such as polenta.

      2. I like it in cabbage soup, added just before/as you take it off the heat.

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        1. It's great with smoked salmon or other smoked fish, or added to a light sauce (e.g. with white wine and cream) for cooked fish.

          1. Most of my prepared horseradish goes into Bloody Mary's other than that

            Brussels sprouts with horseradish sauce
            Horseradish bread - yummy
            Horseradish Macaroni and cheese - my kids used to love this.
            Horseradish salad dressing
            Horseradish crusts for steaks, prime ribs, even salmon
            Horseradish and tomatoes go well together, add it to tomato soup.
            Deviled eggs
            Potato cakes with Horseradish

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              Ooh, now I'm dreaming of roasting Brussels sprouts.

            2. Thanks for the ideas -- please keep them coming!

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                  Interesting! Will definintely have to try this.

                2. Not sure what beef sauce is but we like to make horseradish sauce for our beef, maybe that's beef sauce? Some horseradish, Worcestershire, salt, pepper, garlic powder, white wine vinegar, dijon mustard, sour cream.

                  1. I mix it with sour cream for a sandwich topping.

                    Shredded beets with a bit of sour cream and touch of horseradish

                    A touch in mashed potatoes.

                    1. it's a secret to great mayo-based slaw.

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                        Slaw! Can't believe I haven't tried this yet. Thanks! With this and the soup above, I guess I'd completely neglected the cabbage/horseradish combo.

                      2. Beat with soft butter and some fresh herbs, spread on sliced baguette, put under broiler until bubbly and crisp. FANTASTIC!

                          1. Awesome in homemade cocktail sauce for shrimp, have to repeat that.
                            I put a teaspoon into seafood stews I make, especially those with wine in the broths.
                            Lobster dip.

                            and heck yeah, it loves to play with mayo

                            1. Added to marinara sauce, with sautéed jumbo shrimp on spaghetti

                              1. Excellent and easy: add horseradish to sour cream and dollop on fish, hot or cold.