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Nov 20, 2012 01:14 PM

Brining Emergency

Picked up a Brining Bag to hold a 25 lb turkey..I have a 17 lb turnkey...
filled it 1/2 way with my wonderful brine.. placed turkey in breast side down...
more brine sealed it tight... only to have a damn hole on the bottom where it
is leaking!! thinking fast we poured the brine into our extremely large stock pot
emerged the turkey in.. I would say it fits with about 1/3 of the legs sticking out..
what was I supposed to do... so left it in the fridge overnight.. and now turned it after
12 hours... is this bad? I mean really bad? I would you turn it again before starting the
air drying Wed at!

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  1. HA! My bag just broke or must have had a slow leak as I have a cooler full of brine while my turkey sits in an empty bag! Gah!

    You can turn it again if you like but you should be fine. If the turkey appears to be floating try weighting it down with heavy pot full of cans.

    Good luck!

    1. I have used heavy duty garbage bags in the past for brining turkey - I use 2 bags, one inside the other; place the bags in my insulated cooler, place turkey then brine in bag; tie it up or knot it well, pack ice all around the bag & close the cooler. I often put the cooler outside, to keep things cooler (I'm in Canada), and to get it out of my way. Put a large stone or two on top to keep out the critters, check on the ice every now and then, and pour yourself a glass of wine & enjoy it before attacking the next item on your list.
      If you don't have a cooler, I'd say just keep turning the bird a couple of more times before Wed. noon & it will be wonderful. No one will ever know about your emergency. (Unless you tell them)
      Have a great Thanksgiving!

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      1. re: hungryjoanne

        I have it in the fridge.. so I think the cold is good...I was hesitant to use a "non food grade" bag..well I was somewhat ok with it but the hubby thought I was crazy... its not floating.. and it
        is not wedged in there... it is sort of fitting nicely....thanks I might start to breathe again soon!

        1. re: Salbert

          I think that as long as the parts you want flavorful and juicy are submerged, you're fine. I mean, I think it's okay if the bony end part of the leg (i.e, the handle!) aren't brined. :-)

      2. Salbert, why don't you just increase the amount of brining solution to cover the bird you've got? That way, you needn't worry. I brine my turkey in a lobster pot. Brining solution isn't an exact science...just a mix of whatever you choose to put in there, and in this case just more.

        1. Keep the breast in the brine and you should be fine.

          The main thing is to brine the breast. The ends of the legs sticking out should not be a problem since there's really not that much meat their. Also, dark meat is a little more bulletproof since it is fattier and tends to stay moist after roasting..