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Nov 20, 2012 12:45 PM

Tava Indian Kitchen now open on 2nd Street, SF

I just checked out the newly opened Tava Indian Kitchen on 2nd Street. Looks like a new branch of a place in Palo Alto

The set up is like Chipotle or other burrito places where you choose your base (wrap, salad, rice), then your protein, then your toppings.

I got a burroti (like a burrito), with chicken, dal, raita, a dash of tikka sauce, and medium cilantro chutney, plus all veggies minus onions.

They make the roti wrappers fresh, in a cool and very fast contraption....but the result actually tastes just like a mediocre tortilla from any old taqueria. I wished it was a bit crispier.

I also had a cold chai, which was too strong on the cardamom for my taste, but not bad.

Fillings all went well together, and it was a very filling meal. Nice to have in the neighborhood, and I'll be back to try the other proteins (paneer, lamb)

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  1. Ate here for the second time today. I initially went during their first month or two, and wasn't that impressed. I had a vegetarian salad bowl, and though it was an impressive amount of food for a very reasonable price, and I liked the paneer, there was nothing much to recommend it flavor-wise.

    But I went back today because I was curious about their "burrotis" (and because I was starving--note the comment above about amount of food and price). The burroti was much better than the salad bowl. Not sure why, maybe because there wasn't a pile of lettuce drowning out everything else. I went veg again (cauliflower, garbanzo beans, etc. in their veg protein, with paneer too), got the tikka sauce, all the toppings (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chiles), and the medium chutney. I probably could've gone a little spicier even, because that was the biggest improvement: the spiciness and actual flavor. I still really like their paneer. And personally I like the roti delivery vehicle for this burrito copycat. All in all, it was the perfect heaping serving of comfort food I craved, and it was tasty to boot. And only eight bucks.

    Also, check out what John Birdsall had to say about these guys back in January over on