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Nov 20, 2012 12:29 PM

ISO a flat-bottomed whistling teakettle

We have a cooktop range (if I could go back in time 18 months, we wouldn't, but that's neither here nor there ;-)) and my husband has mentioned that his old tin teakettle doesn't seem to heat water as quickly, probably due to the ring on the bottom. He's a bit of a traditionalist and won't just use my coffee maker to heat water and I doubt he'd appreciate an electric water heater because "it would just take up more counter space" so I thought a glass teakettle would be a useful Christmas gift. I just assumed they would all be flat-bottomed but reviews on a few on Amazon have indicated otherwise. Does anyone know of any specific models that have a smooth bottom? Doesn't necessarily have to be glass but I would prefer it to be under $50. Thanks!

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  1. The one I bought is flet bottomed:

    Right? What else would it be?

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      Thanks - just left BBB with this exact style, $8 with 20% coupon. Always a good feeling coming I'm waaay under budget, lol.

    2. I think all of the Chantal kettles are flat bottom. I am partial to those with the harmonica whistle.