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Nov 20, 2012 12:28 PM

Any one make their mashed potatoes like this?

I was watching an old Tyler Florence Thanksgiving special and his mashed potatoes looked sooooo good.

Basically he cooks the potatoes in milk and heavy cream with aromatics, reserves the cooking liquid and uses that to make the mashed. The actual recipe calls for a last minute addition of grainy mustard, which I think I would leave out as the flavor wouldn't go with the rest of my T-day menu.


My regular recipe is to cook the potatoes in well salted water until tender, drain and put back in the pot to remove some of the moisture, mash and then add warm half and half/butter. Pretty basic but very delicious

link here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ty...

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  1. i've done them like this, just take care not to scorch the milk.

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    1. I've tried this method too, it works but you have to be careful about scorching the milk, personally I just boil them in salted water, when done skin them (or not) and toss them in the mixer with butter, seasonings and then cream/milk them out to desired consistency. You really can't taste much of a difference so i don't think the extra work (peeling before hand, watching the milk, etc.) is worth it.

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        If you cut the milk with broth, it works ok. I tasted some with creme fraiche the other day and I must say it was pretty amazing ....

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          What I like about the recipe was not peeling the potatoes, lol!

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            That's a job you assign someone else to. ;)