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Vancouver & Whistler for a few days?

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Greetings from San Francisco! I have been considering a trip to Vancouver for a few days, with a side trip up to Whistler. The general idea is to have a great time - 20-something, party atmosphere with a nice meal or two thrown in.

For Whistler, I was considering Bearfoot Bistro for dinner. Is there a decent ski in/ski out lunch spot? For fun & drinks if not the best food? Any recommendations on fun places to visit after dinner?

For Vancouver, are there any particular areas to enjoy wandering around during either the day or night? Those of you who are familiar with SF will recognize areas I like such as the Mission-Valencia corridor, Polk Gulch for nightlife, maybe Hayes Valley for shopping (along with Valencia of course). Unique areas that aren't that touristy but offer a sense of fun & adventure, perhaps?

Finally, again if you're familiar with SF one of my favorite restaurants in the area is Commis in Oakland. Are there any can't-miss spots in Vancouver at that price point or under for a wonderful splurge meal on a weekend? In addition, I was considering the Richmond night market one evening (I assume it's not open during the day?). Anything else that could fit in with the general theme of this potential visit?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well for starters RNM is over til next year ..

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      Well, scratch that idea then. Also, I should note that I would have a car, and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance.

    2. For your ski in food at lunch on the mountain, Christina's in the Rendezvous Lodge at Blackcomb. This sounds crazy, but they have a terrific bouilliabaisse. I am not impressed by the Whistler dining scene in general but I look forward to the bouilliabaisse everytime we're there. Make a reservation. This also means you don't have to fight the lunch crowds in the lodges.

      There is a great post summarizing Whistler by Meghany in this thread: