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FN Thanksgiving Live - Thoughts?

My immediate response to this show, which i caught earlier this week, was to turn it off quickly. The feverish pace which Alton Brown demonstrated on this show actually cause me to feel anxious and VERY unnerved. It was not an Iron Chef episode, so, IMHO, there was no need for that "mile-a-minute" approach to his emceeing. I was looking forward to watching it, but he totally turned me off to it.

Anyone else feel this way?

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  1. seemed a bit mish mosh and fast paced for me.

    1. It makes me feel antsy, as well. It feels a bit like watching a telethon.

      1. I saw most of it and it didn't impress me. I'm tired of Alton Brown, Rachel, Giada, Sunny, and now they have that western woman on there. Yawn.

        1. I felt bad for the short shrift Sunny was given. OTOH I'm ready for Alton and Giada to get their own Regis and Kelly style show any day now.

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            "OTOH I'm ready for Alton and Giada to get their own Regis and Kelly style show any day now."

            shhh, don't say that too loud, they may hear you ;:-/

          2. Train wreck. I had no idea this was even on and someone posted on another forum that this is the second year they did this. I follow both Ree Drummond and Bobby Flay on twitter and Ree kept posting pictures and saying she was at the FN kitchen, but I thought she was just taping something.

            I hardly watch FN anymore unless its on tivo, so I guess I missed the promos.

            My favorite part: They did a big intro of Jeff Mauro who was never to be seen again. I think the tweeting/emailing thing didn't pan out because next thing you know, Ree is sitting down with her laptop rallying her internet troops.

              1. Watched it off and on -- was surprised by the lack of useful info provided and gimmicky people's polls re courses for the chefs to cook. Giada was a distraction with her silly cackling and shrillness.

                1. Only saw part of it. Seemed like most of them started drinking waaaaaaaay too early!

                  1. doubt it if any of the audience got any real help or tips in cooking preparing the Thanksgiving meal. To me they were just plain silly

                    1. I didn't learn anything new but I enjoyed it. It was way more relaxed than last year's show. At any rate it was better than watching DDD shows for two hours straight.

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                        " it was better than watching DDD shows for two hours straight."
                        where we live, our satelite tv shows like 112 of DDD in a row.
                        I'm always thinking "really?"

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                          Haha! Maybe it's some sort of social experiment to see how long it takes for people to chuck their tv sets out the window?

                          1. re: alliegator

                            Maybe it's the satellite feed to Guantanamo. TALK, damn you.

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                            Yesterday they showed DDD for 9 hours in a row except for one half hour. It's like they WANT me to not watch their channel.

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                              Same here! Most nights it's non-stop DDD and the same re-runs will cycle for hours.

                          3. Three minutes....tops, and I was out of there!

                            1. No Ann Burrell. And she's not on NIC: Redemption. What's up with that?

                              She was one of the few people who actually shows how to cook...who would want that on a show about Thanksgiving cooking?

                              1. We had it on for a little while as background noise more than anything. Did not seem particularly interesting to me.

                                1. No thoughts. Just a big yawn.

                                  1. Was anyone else distracted by the constant background conversations going on, mostly between Bobby Flay and Alex G., especially during the drink segment?