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Nov 20, 2012 10:21 AM

ISO Indy restaurants for Thanksgiving

My husband is working in Indy all week with only Thursday off. We'll be staying downtown, but will have our car. Any recommendations on decent places to go for a Thanksgiving meal? It doesn't have to be traditional. I would just like a fine meal since we won't be able to make one of our own. A good wine list or interesting draught beer options would be a real plus. The idea of a buffet doesn't excite me, but maybe I'm just not being open-minded enough about a Thanksgiving buffet. We're not too worried about price and have lots of time flexibility in terms of when we eat. Thanks for any tips or pointers!

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  1. Here're Open Table searches for restaurants that offer a reservation at 2 pm or 7 pm for two:

    Of the places shown and looking at downtown spots, I would probably go with Capital Grille (yes, it's a chain, but decent), Palomino, or Turner's. Maybe Osteria Pronto. Three of these four would be in hotels.

    If you don't mind "ethnic" or non-Western European/Anglo-American, you could head for various places around the 38th Street/Lafayette area and elsewhere for Chinese, Vietnamese; or Korean, Japanese, etc - if they are open, I don't know off hand which ones *would* be. Little in the way of (good) Western-type wine in those cases, though, nor fancy decor. There *is* a more upscale Chinese-Taiwanese place called Shanghai Lil up at Keystone Crossing, just off of (south side) 86th Street, which is open on Thanksgiving. I personally don't think too highly of the food there but many others like it a lot. Google it if you like.

    Assuming you are staying in a hotel, your concierge surely would have suggestions too?

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      Thanks for the response. I had searched Open Table, but I don't know the restaurants so was unsure which were worth the trip. I've found the opinions of Chowhound posters to be more helpful, which is why I posted here. Your suggestions are great and helpful. I'm thinking we might try Turner's or Capital Grille, as we have a Palamino here in Cincy that I've eaten at several times.

      Does anyone have any comments on the Pearl Bistro? They seem to be open tomorrow as well.

      We're staying at a Residence Inn, which I don't think has a concierge.