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ISO Indy restaurants for Thanksgiving

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My husband is working in Indy all week with only Thursday off. We'll be staying downtown, but will have our car. Any recommendations on decent places to go for a Thanksgiving meal? It doesn't have to be traditional. I would just like a fine meal since we won't be able to make one of our own. A good wine list or interesting draught beer options would be a real plus. The idea of a buffet doesn't excite me, but maybe I'm just not being open-minded enough about a Thanksgiving buffet. We're not too worried about price and have lots of time flexibility in terms of when we eat. Thanks for any tips or pointers!

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  1. Here're Open Table searches for restaurants that offer a reservation at 2 pm or 7 pm for two:

    Of the places shown and looking at downtown spots, I would probably go with Capital Grille (yes, it's a chain, but decent), Palomino, or Turner's. Maybe Osteria Pronto. Three of these four would be in hotels.

    If you don't mind "ethnic" or non-Western European/Anglo-American, you could head for various places around the 38th Street/Lafayette area and elsewhere for Chinese, Vietnamese; or Korean, Japanese, etc - if they are open, I don't know off hand which ones *would* be. Little in the way of (good) Western-type wine in those cases, though, nor fancy decor. There *is* a more upscale Chinese-Taiwanese place called Shanghai Lil up at Keystone Crossing, just off of (south side) 86th Street, which is open on Thanksgiving. I personally don't think too highly of the food there but many others like it a lot. Google it if you like.

    Assuming you are staying in a hotel, your concierge surely would have suggestions too?

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      Thanks for the response. I had searched Open Table, but I don't know the restaurants so was unsure which were worth the trip. I've found the opinions of Chowhound posters to be more helpful, which is why I posted here. Your suggestions are great and helpful. I'm thinking we might try Turner's or Capital Grille, as we have a Palamino here in Cincy that I've eaten at several times.

      Does anyone have any comments on the Pearl Bistro? They seem to be open tomorrow as well.

      We're staying at a Residence Inn, which I don't think has a concierge.