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Nov 20, 2012 10:15 AM

Food related ways you're giving "thanks" this year?

Are you doing anything that's food related to give thanks?

Be it cooking for an elderly couple who can't themselves, or volunteering at a food bank (or donating to one), or whatever.

Since I have the week off, a bunch of friends and I have been going around these past couple of days at night and handing out rotisserie chickens and soda (from Safeway, no less) to those who, for lack of a better word, do not have the means to either buy or cook one themselves.

Curious to what people are doing, if anything.

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  1. #1 donation to CT Food Bank of one week's worth of our family grocery expenditures
    #2 cooking Wed night at a local shelter so that their will be plenty for them to serve on Thursday
    #3 donating the 'free' turkeys and other food items we get at the supermarket and wouldn't be using anyway to a local family in need (they have been identified through the guidance counselor at my youngest's school and won't know where it's coming from and we won't know who they are) and I'll stick an envelope with $40 in the box for perishables, etc. The kids in that family will missthe 'free lunch at school Wed, Thurs, Fri and this should help.
    #4 Spending Thursday supper time at my mother's senior residence to assist residents with eating their holiday meals. We know from experience that there will be a shortage of aides, and some residents will need assistance cutting their food and feeding themselves, as well as getting to and from the dining room from their apartments. Mom will have been at our home for 1PM holiday meal and we give her caregiver the holiday off.

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      #2: have your SIL make up a batch of her mashed potatoes.

    2. Me,Sis&SIL,support service to,Husband,Bro&BIL.The three men plus ?nine other in the gun club host several huge dinners a year for families in need.
      Thursday will be turkey,side,dessert etc for 35 or 40 families in financial need.This project is old enough that donations now send all home with another meal or two.
      One of the fellows works in the pull dated stuff world that includes things that are never in the budget,ice cream,fancy cheese etc.So some time in the next week or two there will be a fancy cheese,stew,wine,booze and tree trimming social at the VA distaff hall and a tree trimming ice cream and punch social at a nursing home.
      AND , I hope this year the talk about passing the baton to younger folks grows a few new teeth.With too few exceptions I'm the youngest (67) in this large group,all knowing our days numbered at this level.

      1. I contribute a Thanksgiving basket, via my church, to a local food pantry. It includes all the fixings for a traditional turkey dinner (grocery gift card for the turkey).

        I support my son's hockey team can drive which we do prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love that fact that so many stores have 10 for $10 sales. Your money can go so much farther.

        Doesn't sound like much when I write it down…

        1. I"m planning on cleaning out our pantry to donate to a food bank. There's lots of non-perishable canned and boxed food in there that my BF bought before I moved in. We'll never use it since I cook so I'm going to donate it.

          I also just recently started volunteering w/ Cooking Matters, but that's going to be a year round thing.

          1. That is wonderful what you are doing Ipsy..
            I wish more people would give of their time, $$ or something that helps others out.
            I support and feed for the holidays the military families as well and support a gal who fled her abusive husband with goodies.
            I also like to fill plates of Thanksgiving dinners to elderly couple who just don't have the strength to make dinner.
            I sometimes buy $5 Wendys or Mc D's gift cards and give them out to the homeless.

            Giving is so much better than receiving!