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Nov 20, 2012 09:59 AM

Dec 4-7. Done the big recs.

Coming for 3 nights to NOLA. Staying in the French Quarter. We've already done some of the greats on previous trips: Acme, Galatoire's, Commander's Palace, NOLA.
Love the local cooking, but am fairly open. Looking for great meals, don't have to be pricey and don't have to be in FQ. Just want amazing meals.

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  1. I would not visit, without getting to:


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    1. Some other choices:

      Brigtsen's (mentioned above) and a streetcar ride from the FQ, but well worth it.
      G W Fins - local seafood, with local recipes, and in the FQ
      Restaurant August - into the CBD, but short walk, and well worth each step
      Stella! - also in the FQ, and an interesting dining experience. The chef has changed things, since we were there, but I hear good things.
      Restaurant R'evolution - in the FQ, and looking great. We dined there, just after opening, and there were some rough edges, but I hear they have been sorted out.
      Grill Room - again, just into the CBD in the Windsor Court Hotel, and fine-dining, but they do it right. Not inexpensive, but worth the effort.

      Most of all, enjoy!


      1. I'd also suggest:

        Boucherie - another streetcar ride
        Elizabeths's in the Bywater for breakfast - try the praline bacon

        And I'll second Casamentos

        1. Add a 3rd for Brigtsen's. Far and away my favorite NO restaurant.