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Bulk Peanut Oil in the Triangle

I'm frying a 11 lb. turkey this year. I'd like to use 100% peanut oil. Looks like I'll need 4 gallons. Seems like the big box hardware stores are selling a mix of peanut and other oils in 3 gallon containers. At this point, Lowe's Foods has 1 gallon peanut oil on sale for $16. I'd prefer to have a larger container to make disposal easier. Has anyone seen larger containers of 100% peanut oil around, preferably near to Chapel Hill? If so, any idea of prices?

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  1. No personal experience, but have you tried the club stores: BJ's, Sam's, or Costco? If you have access to Sam's, that might be my first choice.

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      I'm pretty sure I have seen it at Costco.

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        Noticed it at Costco the other day.

        IIRC 4.6 gal. for $49.99

        (somehow this quest sticks in my mind...)

    2. Check with WalMart - they usually sell the oil in large containers along with the fryers.

      1. The Big box home stores like Home Depot also caries Peanut Oil for turkey frying

        1. Any sports stores selling stuff for 'manly cooking' like bbq, grilling, and deep fat fried turkey?

          1. Also check Foodlion. I've seen displays with large jugs of oil for Turkey frying, but didn't pay much attention to blend or volume. Foodlion tends to carry more traditional Southern products, and I think 100% peanut oil falls in that category.

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              Using the power of the Internet I've learned that the Lowe's (hardware) in N. Durham has 100% peanut oil for $42.99 for a 3 gallon container. Not sure if I'll have the time to make it up there.

              Food Lion had peanut oil in 1) gallon containers.

              I want to use 100% peanut oil, because I think it makes the food taste better.

            2. Walmart has the best price I've seen on gallons, and often has 3-gallon boxes.

              1. Probably not as good as one fresh out of the fryer-- but also not as expensive-- if you want fried turkey without doing it yourself for Thanksgving, the Bojangles in Mebane sells fried turkeys. You pick it up the day before and warm in the ovn day of.

                1. I realize I'm days too late to this conversation, but for future reference--try the Grand Asia Market in Cary. I've never checked for bulk peanut oil specifically, but it seems like they might be a good option.

                  1. For next time - I saw 1 gal. jugs of peanut oil at Aldi's today for $12.99 each.

                    Just a thought, if you have any friends in the restaurant business perhaps they could order a large container from Sysco for you?

                    1. Went to reload for the first time in a while at Walmart and saw that the gallon price was up quite a bit to $15.99, although 3-gallon boxes were still at $37 plus an additional $5 coupon. Target has been over $20 recently, so am wondering if there's some sort of across-the-board price increase.

                      1. Gander Mountain has it in their new store in Morrisville. I do not know the price. Looked like a 3 gal. bucket.