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Nov 20, 2012 09:26 AM

Restaurants around London Hotel (West Hollywood) with toddler

We will be staying over Thanksgiving for a few days at the London Hotel in West Hollywood and looking for a few restaurants to go to with our 14 months old daughter. Our daughter is quite used to go to all kinds of restaurants with us and enjoys eating our food (we normally go around 6-7pm for dinner with her). And so we are looking for non-chain restaurants with good food (open to any kind of food) which are not overly loud (and within reasonable distance to the London Hotel (max 10-15 min driving or walking). Some restaurants we went with her on previous visits when we stay at other hotels are for examples Blvd 16, Monte Alban, Brentwood Country Mart. Any new ideas ?

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  1. Lucques and Craig's probably the closest to the LH, and easily within walking distance.

    A bit further out (within 5-10 min. of a drive) is Mozza (either the Osteria or the Pizzeria) and Providence.

    Also, if you are interested, I would check out either Neveau and/or Mashti Malone for ice cream. Both are nearby.

    Enjoy your stay.

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      Both Mozza places are some of our go to places when we go with our nanny but they are unfortunately too loud (especially the pizzeria) for our daugther but the ice cream places and Lucques are good ideas.

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        If you end up at Neveux, let me know how you like it.

        While it's not my favorite place in LA for ice cream, I have yet to find a similar artisan ice cream shop like that in SD.

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          We had the chance to visit Neveux on our trip and everything we saw on the webpage about their ice cream (mix of sweet and savory flavors, bold flavors etc.) reminded us positively on some of the best ice creams we had at good tasting menus where chefs can do very creative things. Unfortunately Neveux seems to be on of the places where the idea and ingredients are very good but the executions is lacking dramatically.
          We tried five of their ice creams, Strawberry Balsamic, Pepper Peach, Pineapple Sage, Peppermint Bark and Salted Caramel, and the flavors were very unbalanced and made the results very disappointing.
          Strawberry Balsamic - you could only taste the balsamic flavor upfront and nothing else, Pepper Peach - very weak peach flavor and the pepper flavor was way too strong and was lingering on your tongue for more than a minute,
          Peppermint Bark - obviously made with peppermint oils (and I mean tons of peppermint oils). Once you ate a little bit of it you couldn't taste anything else for minutes than peppermint.
          Pineapple Sage - OK but nothing special with the sage flavor too subtle.
          Salted Caramel - the best of all flavors but again this is a pretty standard flavor by now at many places.

          Mixing sweet and savory flavors for any dessert/ice cream is not simple and needs a good balance (and experience). It was pretty obvious that who ever made that batch of ice creams had a very bad day.
          As a sidenote - Normally we complain that in the US you get way too much food for your money and that we would prefer smaller portions with higher qaulity food. Neveux was one of the few places were the portions was too small for the price - $4.25 for two scoops the size of a teaspoon is quite steep.
          Neveux should work together with Scoops - Neveux uses much better ingredients for their ice cream and it has a better texture whereas Tai much better understands to combine different (sometimes "opposing") flavors.

          We actually visited on our way back to SD Pazzo Gelato for the first time (wanted to check out Berlin Currywurst - mediocre) and prefered their gelato much more. Perhaps not the most unusual flavors but high quality ingredients and execution.

    2. London Hotel's Gordon Ramsay literally just released a small(er) plates, (more) affordable option last week, and the food was shockingly good.

      New on the strip, Osteria Drago, on the patio, should be rather pleasant, though I'd check with them about high chair.

      Eveleigh is down the street, and they love cute babies during brunch time.

      Burger Lounge is a mini-chainlet, though they do use grass-fed beef, and local market vegetables. Their classic burger is an odd and tasty riff on McDonald's hamburger.

      All are walking distance.

      Hart and the Hunter is blowing up in WeHo right now, it's super casual, so probably bring a booster? Also, go early. Apparently the room gets deafening at night. 5 min drive from London

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        Eveleigh and Osteria Drago look both interesting. Heard so many bad things about the restaurant at the London but it might be worth looking into it. We live in San Diego where Burger Lounge originated and yet is not bad but nothing really interesting.

      2. The last few times I was at Everleigh, there were tons of kids everywhere. Not that it's a good or bad thing but just an observation. It's less than a block east of the London.

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          Lucques is a wonderful choice. No one will be disappointed. I promise.