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Nov 20, 2012 08:47 AM

Weekday Happy Hour Near Chula Vista Waterfront

I have been asked to suggest a venue for a coworker happy hour on a weekday afternoon/evening this month. Our office is in Chula Vista near the bay, and I would like to avoid a long drive or any place where parking will be a real challenge-- probably no further north than I-8. We are primarily a group of nerdy engineer/IT types and are looking for well-crafted appetizers, interesting cocktails, and a good beer list. Relatively quiet atmosphere would be a definite plus, extra points for scenic location.

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  1. Maybe some of these links will help you with your search:

    Here's wishing you and your co-workers an enjoyable get-together.


    1. How about one of the places on the bay in Coronado? According to their websites, Peohe's has food and drink specials from 3-6:30pm daily, and Candelas gives groups of 5 or more 20% off on Thursdays.