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Nov 20, 2012 08:30 AM

I love the oatmeal at the Sentinel. Who else makes oatmeal this good? [San Francisco]

It's hearty, with lots of fruit (including bananas, which I know some people don't like, but I love). The oats still have a nice bite to them even though the texture overall is nice and smooth. I just ate some now for breakfast, and it's great on a rainy day. A small serving costs $3.50 and is pretty large.

Are there other good places in SF or East Bay that make oatmeal that compares to this? Would love to know other options in other neighborhoods.

The Sentinel is takeaway only, and breakfast begins on weekdays at 7:30 I's on New Montgomery, just south of Market St.

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  1. Now you're going to make me miss Cafe Fanny all over again!

    But its replacement, whose name I can't remember (a bad sign--I'm probably scrambling this, but I think it's named after a bird that Ophuls would shoot in hunts?), is supposedly offering "porridge"--which I'm assuming is oats rather than some other grain but realize I don't rightly know.

    I haven't had this for a very long time (this is turning out to be a not very useful post....), but I recall liking the hot cereal @ Fat Apple's in Berkeley (sometimes oatmeal, sometimes multi-grain--actually I think I liked the multi-grain better).

    And (finally a short, declarative sentence) Mama's in Oakland has good oatmeal.

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    1. The oatmeal at Dolores Park Cafe is pretty good. Lots of fresh fruit on top, brown sugar, etc. Great comfort food.

      1. Check out the Irish oatmeal at Sweet Woodruff on both their weekday breakfast and weekend brunch menus. The SO says it was his top dish of our recent weeklong visit.

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          Sweet Woodruff oatmeal RIP... they replaced it with cheesy jalapeno grits. :-(

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            That sucks! It's still on the sample menu on their website but not on the facebook one for this past weekend. Argh.

        2. My wife swears by the oatmeal at The Stable. Sounds very similar to your description. Unfortunately, her last order was not as good as it has been. Hopefully just a one time aberration.