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Aug 11, 2005 01:26 PM

Dining in Carmel with our Dog

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We will be vacationing in Carmel with our 75-lb. Golden Retriever. Any recommendations for dining in Carmel with our dog?

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  1. Forge in the Forest, a block right of Ocean Blvd., on Junipero, I think. It's ultra dog friendly and it has good food and nice ambience as well.

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      My husband and I had our 2 Boston Terriers in tow with us 3 years ago in Carmel and we happened to glance at the menu outside of Portobello on Ocean. As we were walking away (thinking we'd have to find a dogsitter) we were 'accosted' by the owner. He insisted that we dine with our dogs and said "Anyone who does not love dogs does not desreve to dine here". Needless to say the dogs got the royal treatment; silver water bowls and biscuits. It turned out to be a lovely dinner. I can wholeheartedly recommend Portobello.

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        carmel carrie

        I think you are referring to Portabella in downtown Carmel. Yes, it is pet-friendly out on the back patio and has some pretty decent food.

        Forge in the Forest is also nice and they have an outdoor seating area for your pet. carrie

        1. re: carmel carrie

          Yes!! Indeed you are correct Carrie. That is the name of the restaurant we ate at. I don't get down there as much as I used to. I lived in the forest(PB), and graduated from PG High(years and years ago). And miss the area terribly.

    2. Anybody got time for me to revive a post from Aug '05?

      Lunch or dinner with a pup? I mean 70 pound pup. Our B&B lists these as pet friendly:

      Carmel Bistro


      Club Jalapeno

      Da Giovanni

      Forge in the Forest


      Jack Londons

      Le Coq D'or


      Village Corner

      Looking for good food and a nice patio. Lunch or dinner.

      We've been to several. Portabella is perfectly fine - they use an enclosed back patio for pups. Village Corner also is nice, bigger open patio. I remember the food being fine. Forge is sort of a "Claim Jumper" type of place with a big menu of all sorts of food but just okay. But a nice large outdoor areas and I remember the staff was great with the pup.

      Any recommendations? From the list or not. And remember it's patio dining.

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      1. re: FireFlyFiftyFive

        Sorry for taking so long to respond!

        We have a gigantic list of all the dog-friendly places in Monterey County here:

        Some good dog-friendly Carmel restaurants with patios that aren't on your list:
        Anton and Michel (warning: no heat lamps
        )Bistro Beaujolais at the Carmel Plaza (their outdoor dining is right in the middle of Carmel Plaza and great for people-watching)
        Il Fornaio

        I hope this helps!