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HELP! Urgent ISO frozen turkeys in Toronto or west (Miss, Burl, Oak)

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Need two or three large frozen turkeys and am hoping to avoid returning to Buffalo. Anyone spotted these at local supermarkets? Loblaws at St Clair/Bathurst and Dupont/Christie has nothing except for their boxed frozen breast - I am looking for an actual turkey! Not interested in ordering high-priced fresh organic ones.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. try costco. They usually stock large frozen birds,

    1. Yup, Costco or pricier Highland Farms.

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        I noticed my Metro store at Meadowvale Town Centre had an ample supply of large ( over 25#) frozen turkeys yesterday.

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          near me -liberty village, parkdale, roncesvalles..all of the grocery stores have frozen birds...