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Nov 20, 2012 07:04 AM

Wine for Prime Rib Christmas Dinner

I usually do Christmas Dinner with Prime Rib, what should be illegal roasted garlic/white cheddar mashed potatoes and all the acroutements one would associate with such a meal.

I like wine. Most of my family is girly wine drinkers or beer drinkers. So usually I splurge on a decent bottle or 3 for this dinner.

I am looking in the $75-$100 range....nice Cab, Shiraz, Bordeaux or Merlot. Any suggestions? Last year I got Lily's Two Hands Shiraz which was nice.

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  1. Doesn't this depend upon a) what you have in your cellar, or b) what is available in retail stores where you live?

    I am going to GUESS you live in Pennsylvania, so isn't buying online a bit problematic?

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    1. re: zin1953

      How did you guess that? Because yes, you are correct. The Draconian liquor laws here does prevent that. I do have a really good, upcale PA LCB store (Fox Chapel Waterworks) near me where I usually buy so I mean if I wanted to splurge on a Pauillac or Rothschild, they have it (not that I will).

      1. re: Owtahear

        There are Paulliacs available in your price range, but as indicated, my prefence would be elsewhere.

    2. With your price parametrs, I would (and will) suggest outside of your listed wines a red Burgundy with a little age. That would be my preference with a prime rib of beef.

      I see the '99 Domaine Ampeau Volnay Santenots available at more than just my local, a very nice wine with character for around $80.

      1. In your list, how about a nice Ch. Gazin, Pomerol. Again, nicely aged bottles are available in your price range.

        1. I think just about any hearty red wine goes with Prime Rib! But, I bet you could get a really excellent Shiraz (again) for that price range -or a quality Borolo that would also go nicely with your killer mashed potatoes yet be able to cut through the fat in the meal. I like a wine with a bit more acidity, alcohol and "punch" with such a classical Prime Rib meal, especially if you are also serving with horseradish sauce, butter on and in the garlic mashed potatoes, etc.

          I don't know what they carry at your local store (you post on the PA board, so that is how zin took his "guess" :)

          Sounds like a great dinner!

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