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Nov 20, 2012 06:38 AM

It's finally here - PicNic @ Home

The folks behind PicNic Wine Bar have finally opened up their cafe/bakery (about a year after they fuddled with the idea).

They are serving Patera Coffee, anybody ever had it?

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  1. Haven't been myself but if you want some more pics/info there is a brief profile on Blogto:

    1. Stopped by today. I had a double shot latte and picked up two cinnamon twists and a loaf of rosemary focaccia. The latte is the same size and double shot as Dark Horse down the street but $0.50 more and not as good IMO.

      The cinnamon twists was crispy, light and had good colour. It was not overly sweet and an enjoyable bite.

      The rosemary focaccia is meh at best. It is lacking in seasoning and it is too heavy and dense missing all of those lovely dimples and air holes. The olive oil they used is tasty and plentiful and soaked through the bag before I got home 30 minstrel later.

      The space is really large and at the moment it looks really sparse. One small table of breads, 5 or 6 baked goods lined on the giant service counter (no sneeze guard or cover) and a maybe 10 cheeses in the cooler.

      I will check it out again in a few weeks.