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Nov 20, 2012 06:11 AM

Montreal and Tremblant help

I'm in the process of planning a ski trip and want to spend one night in Montreal. I was planning to fly up on a Saturday, pick up a rental car and spend Saturday night in Montreal before driving to Tremblant. We have two kids (5 and 8), and need rec's on where to stay and eat. Casual French with great food would be ideal, and preferably walking distance from a reasonably priced hotel. Also any Tremblant info would be appreciated.

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  1. We are also interested in a hotel with a good restaurant. Entertaining the idea of leaving the kids in the room for dinner

    1. For Tremblant : Do a Forum Search (at the top right of the page)

      For Montreal restaurants (with kids): some suggestiosn (not all walkable distance from a downtown hotel, ... )

      Laurier BBQ
      Lemeac (borderline high-end )
      Magpie (pizza)
      La Salle à Manger
      Brasserie T (french bistro/brasserie )


      1. I think you aren't getting a lot of replies because this is actually a rather difficult question to answer. Places in Montreal that I might recommend for casual French (400 Coups, Cinquieme Peche, 3 Petits Bouchons, Quartier General, Laloux, etc) are not the places I'd normally recommend when dining with kids. Not to say that kids wouldn't be welcome (especially when dining early), but these maybe aren't the best options. Also, few hotel restaurants are worth visiting, and the exceptions are mostly upscale dining in expensive hotels (i.e. Maison Boulud at the Ritz, Laurie Raphael at le Germain, XO at Hotel St. James).
        WIth kids, Max may be right with Brasserie T or Lemeac (maybe even L'Express). Each serves simple food, but they suit yours needs.

        1. Here are a few French restaurants that should be OK for your kids, that are relatively close to where all the hotels are: Beaver Hall, Café Méliès, Holder, Le Pois Penché.

          Give Beaver Hall a shot. It serves great brasserie/bistro fare and is owned by the Europea group (they know what they're doing). It also has nice banquettes for smaller families like yours. You won't regret it.

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            I second most of these. Holder particularly.

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              Thanks for the rec's. Anyone familiar with Hotel de L'institut or Fairmont Queen Elizabeth? Also, There's not a whole lot on Tremblant (and certainly very little love), yet the resort is routinely touted by ski magazines for it's food. Am I misssing something? A few restaurants look interesting (au Truffes, Avalanche, Savoie, la Forge, Smoke's Poutine), if overpriced. Do I really need to travel for a good meal?

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                Hotel de L'Institute is actually one I considered mentioning. It is a tourism school training hotel, but is supposed to be an excellent value. They also have a good restaurant on the ground floor which is made rather affordable due to the student employees. Its not the very best food in the city, but its still good and certainly fits your requirements.

                1. re: Fintastic

                  I've been to Avalanche and La Forge both of which are acceptable but not particularly special. Smoke's is a poutine chain from Ontario and it is only ok too. Most insulting is that businesses at Tremblant charge an additional 3% sales tax

                  1. re: catroast

                    Huh ? What additional sales tax ? something other than the GST and the QST ?

                    1. re: Maximilien

                      They charge a 3% royalty on goods and services allegedly to fund free concerts in the village. It's pretty disgusting if you ask me.

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                        "Please note that a 3 % royalty determined by the Tremblant Resort Association is applicable to accommodations and 3% of the listed or advertised price of the goods and services offered a the Resort of Tremblant. This notice is presented to you in accordance with the Regulations of the Consumer Protection Act (Articles 91.6 and 91.7).

                        The royalty allows the Tremblant Resort Association, a non-profit organization, to ensure that guests enjoy a unique and truly memorable experience by offering quality entertainment, events and shows, the majority being free, as well as world-class services and facilities. The royalty concept is widespread throughout our industry in North America and it contributes to a resort's success."

                2. re: veganhater

                  The resort area (the hill) has nothing chow worthy. Theres plenty of restos, but their cookie-cutter style and prices don't exactly make for good recs.
                  Just FYI, last time I was there (a few nights during Blues festival) nobody was doing bacon/egg style breakfast on the hill (plenty of crepe places, though).

              2. Tremblant on the hill has little to nothing but mediocrity and convenience. For apres ski drinks and apps La Forge/Avalanche as good as any. For evening dining head into town(old St Jovite 10minutes by car). Seb is one of our favourites and Cheval de Jade also does a good job for upscale fine dining . For typical roadhouse Quebec food and kid friendly Moe's is always fun(chain) but they do a good job on everything.

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                  Although expensive (which, on the hill, goes without saying) Yaoooo Pizza makes a good, late-night pie.

                  In st. Jovite, I heard good things about Amerika
                  but haven't tried myself
                  (note the English part of the site does not work).