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Nov 20, 2012 04:24 AM

Graces Garden in Odenton

Five best things to order?

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  1. Fish noodles, fried whole fish, tea smoked duck, Phoenix purse, crispy eggplant

    1. Grace Garden No S.

      Fish noodles, spicy tofu pockets, whole crispy flounder (photo attached, take this with you and show it to them so you make sure to get the right dish), at lest one day in advance order the Pheonix Purse, taiwanese fish, pipa duck (pressed duck, order at least two days in advance, this is not on the menu.)

      Ok, that's six dishes.

      click on link for full Chinese menu.

      1. Sichuan Fish Filets and Sichuan Triple Treasures are a must!

        1. Fish noodles, whole fish (done any way), order the smoked duck 2 days in advance.