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Nov 20, 2012 12:24 AM

Great food, not too fancy/expensive, 12 people

Hello fellow Hounds,

I will be in Montreal next week and will be having dinner with 11 of my colleagues who will be traveling there as well.

Almost all of us are foodies, and we'd love to try a great place in Montreal. We are on a bit of a budget ($75/pp...all in).

We will be staying at Le Westin, but could take a cab if it's relatively close.

The dinner will be next Wednesday - not sure if that will be too difficult to get a reso for 12 people!

I've browsed the boards here and had a look at Pinxto, Lemeac, Holder (looks very promising!)...any thoughts on Bistro Balmoral? (That place looks interesting!) would love any insight or suggestions.

I love the food in your city and wish we could go to Barocco/Bocata (we went there last time!), Garde Manger, CCEP, Les 400 Coups, PDC, Chien Fumant etc....I've eaten at all these places before and LOVED them, but given our large group size and somewhat restricted budget, I'm at a loss.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've been to Lawrence and bouillon bilk with a group that size and they accommodated us well. They both offer very interesting and delicious food. Bouillon bilk would be walking distance from your hotel but might be hard to get a reso.

    1. Le Westin is also extremely close to métro Place d'Armes - often the métro (which is clean and pleasant) is faster than a taxi, if there is a traffic snarl.

      1. Grenadine prepared a (larger) group 4 course for about half that (it's BYOW).
        Cozy place - all were pleased.
        In Quartier Latin (Hotel de Ville & Ontario).

        1. You can try your luck with Deville Dinerbar. It's not very expensive, serves good food, and should have space to fit you guys.

          1. Au Petit Extra can easily accommodate a group that size, well within your price range as well. It's a good 10 or 15 minutes by cab, though, from your hotel. Another option would be Brasserie T, which is relatively close. Holder would work, as would Lemeac. Dominion Square Tavern too.