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Nov 19, 2012 11:14 PM

restos similar to Purple Pig, Avec (Chicaco) Tartine, A16 San Francisco

I know this sounds crazy, but for the people that know these restos and the style of food they serve (rustic, not fancy or especially expensive) my husband and his daughter are heading to NYC this weekend, and have a limited budget, but enjoy good food. Any recs for similar style food to these other places? I can't go, but am usually the one that does the research. (: Thanks for any help. They will be staying fairly centrally, and will use the metro.
Thanks for any help; I hope they will come back and tell me of their food adventures. I have suggested Eataly, but that would most likely be for a lunch.

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  1. I have been to Purple Pig (great spot) and not Avec but Publican and Publican Quality Meats, all in Chicago.

    If you're looking for shareable plates, delicious food, and a casual atmosphere, we have many places like that here. However, for small plates, you'll probably end up paying closer to $35-50pp for food, dependent upon what you order.

    Some ideas:

    Danji - Korean small plates, no reservations, get there early to minimize wait, it's pretty small, very good value for the price, dinner and weekday lunch only.
    Mission Chinese - modern Sichuan influence cuisine, a SF import, also a great value for the price, try to make reservations over email in advance for dinner. Lunch isn't quite so crowded.
    Momofuku Ssam - David Chang's Korean, American, Southern, etc restaurant, I likely much more than Momofuku Noodle Bar, no reservations, I believe they have a weekend lunch prix fixe still at $25.
    Bar Room at the Modern - a little more refined than your examples but still delicious and they take reservations. Serves all day long, popular as a pre or post MoMA destination.
    Tertulia - pretty popular and no reservations so the wait can be long for dinner. They also serve weekend brunch.
    Txikito - Basque tapas, don't miss the daily specials, a bit pricier than some of the others.
    Bar Boulud - lots of very good charcuterie options, popular pre Lincoln Center spot.
    Salumeria Rosi - great porchetta and salumi.
    Otto - skip the pizzas for the pastas, salads, vegetable antipasti, gelato, love eating at the bar here.
    Casa Mono - same menu all day long, so go for lunch, long lines at dinner, atmosphere reminds me quite a bit of Purple Pig, they serve raciones (bigger than tapas)
    ABC Kitchen - they'll probably be fully booked but you can eat at the bar or the front tables, farm to table
    Kin Shop - modern Thai, they also have a lunch prix fixe, they take reservations or you can eat at the bar, don't miss the seasonal vegetable with Chinese sausage dish

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