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Nov 19, 2012 08:50 PM

Pavlova from egg whites separated the night before?

I'm having people over Sunday and I'm planning on making a dessert that uses egg yolks and it needs to be made Saturday night. I plan to make a pavlova (to use up the egg whites) Sunday morning. My question is will the pavlova be okay made with egg whites that have been sitting in the fridge overnight?

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    1. sure. Just bring them to room temp before beating.

      1. It's fine.

        Just don't tell the pavlova that the wgg whites were pre-separated, and sitting around all night long cooling their albumen heels.

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          Pavlovas can be very imperious, I fiind.

        2. Pavlova is one of my favorite desserts to make. Not only can you let the egg whites sit overnight, you can make the Pavlova 3 days in advance, which is what I always do. I usually make them into 4-inch round individual desserts and store them in an airtight container. I also make lemon curd ahead of time and then all I do the day of is cut up some kiwi and strawberries, or whatever fruit I've decided to use. I'm all about making as much food ahead of time as possible so that I can enjoy the company. Another favorite make ahead dessert is Creme Brulee. After years of struggling to get it right I used the recipe from Martha Stewart's Cooking School and it is no-fail every time. I make them a few days in advance, cover with Saran wrap, store in the fridge, and then on the day I serve them my husband does the burnt sugar part. They turn out perfect every time.