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Nov 19, 2012 08:45 PM

Have you eaten at MRKT in SOuth Deerfield MA?

This restaurant that went in where Alina's was sounds great. Any hounds been there?

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  1. Four of us ate there a couple of weeks ago. There were no complaints about the food. We started with some small bites for the table, almonds, olives, and pickled vegetables. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera because I can't remember all the dishes. I remember that we tried a pork dish, a chicken dish, and a salmon dish. Everything tasted fresh and was presented beautifully. I don't remember all the apps but pretty sure everyone liked what they got. For dessert we had bread pudding and chocolate panna cotta, I can't remember the other two. Desserts were also good but panna cotta was presented in a weird S-shape. If I remember correctly, the chef is from Del Rey. I never cared for Del Rey but this food was much better. I like the farm to table concept and I would like to see more restaurants with that concept succeed. Maybe I will talk to some of the other diners and we can come up with a better review. If I had any complaint it would be the prices. I thought they were a bit over the top. Boston and NYC prices in South Deerfield, MA!

    BTW - I understand that Alina's moved down to where Carmelina's used to be. I've liked every meal I've had at Alina's so I need to check out the new digs. The chef there is another strange story. I never liked Carmelina's when he cooked there but loved the food at Alina's. Maybe these two chefs had to make food like the owners wanted in their old jobs and now they can create their own recipes, but it really seems to me that if you are a good chef you should be able to make anything taste good.

      1. We ate there last night [4 of us] and sadly, we were quite disappointed. I had looked at the on-line menu and it looked great, but the actual menu was much smaller, and sadly everything was a disappointment. The monkfish was tasteless (although there was a parsnip puree, I believe, on the plate which was delicious), my friend's bass was utterly bony to the point where she couldn't eat it, and the two diners who ordered the steak both commented on how fatty it was. To the restaurant's credit, they replaced the bass with a salad, and didn't charge my friend, but she was very disappointed in her dish. The prices for the main courses were I thought on the high side; but the wine list was reasonably priced. I'd love for a local restaurant like this to do well, but I'm not sure we'll be back to give them a second chance. . . .

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