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Nov 19, 2012 07:43 PM

Restaurants near Acme Comedy Theater

Any good restaurants near Acme Theater? We are going to an event that is from noon to midnight so looking for breakfast as well as late night eats. Any cuisine but prefer entrees of $15 or less. Acme is located at Beverly and La Brea. Thank you.

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  1. Breakfast Lulu's on Beverly Blvd also for lunch. Susina for breakfast or lunch. Cayenne for lunch or dinner. Sycamore though I haven't eaten there for breakfast. El Coyotefor lunch and dinner and drinks. I forgot the name of the Italian restaurant right next door. When are you going? Late night Leo's taco truck or El Chato taco truck both on LaBrea south. There is East India Grill and another Indian on Beverly Blvd. All are within walking distance except for the two taco trucks and Canters. Where are you going to park? Let me know more info and I will try to get back to you

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      Thanks for the fast response! We are going this Friday and I don't know where we are going to park yet.

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        Isn't Acme Theater next to/connected to Amalfi Ristorante on La Brea? I go to Room 5 which is upstairs from the restaurant. You can probably split a wood fired pizza which run from about 15-18 dollars apiece. You can check their website for a menu. Your biggest problem is there is no parking until 7pm during the week (might be 8pm on the weekend) at the metered parking along La Brea. I'm not sure of the hours during the earlier times in the day because I am there only at night. One of the musicians got a ticket because she parked before 7pm and it was over $100 (don't remember the exact amount). Amalfi's website is something like
        I'm sure you can google it because I have before.

    2. Cafe verona (201 S. LaBrea) is great for breakfast. Open 8 am-10pm daily.