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Nov 19, 2012 05:07 PM

Cannele in Toronto

Hello TO

Visiting from Mtl and i need my Cannele fix bigtime.

I don't know if there is a translation for this wonder of french pastry, and there is accually an accent on the E at the end but can't find it on this computer... Anyhow, if you ever put one in your mouth, you will know...

So where should i go? Im in Liberty village and i am willing to travel and get lost to find one or twelve

Thank you!

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  1. I think I remember seeing them at Nadege.

    I'm surprised, no good bakeries offer them in Mtl?

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    1. re: deabot

      Yes, of course, the best are actually at La bete a pain, lost in Ahuntsic, rue Sauve

      But i'm in Toronto for a while, and i kinda need them to keep myself happy happy :)

      I will try nadege, thank you !!!

      1. re: joselitax

        If you are ever in new york, you'll have to try the ones from Dominque Ansel's bakery.

        Let us know how you find Nadege's version.

        1. re: deabot

          Had one from DA in NYC!! Much much so much better. I hear Balthazar's is really good too (I was dumb and didn't go in despite my instincts to do so - walked right past it to get to DA).

          Also ate some my sister brought back from Paris (maybe 2 days old?). Not optimal (not very crunchy), but still decent. Still better than Nadege.

          edit: photo of the Paris one from Le Baillardran -

          1. re: jlunar

            I tried the one from Balthazar while I was in NYC. It was good. I need to hit DA next time.

        2. re: joselitax

          The mini canales I tried from Nadege had a crispy, slightly burnt bottom (which is the top when they were baking) as they should be - but the rest was like rubber, and also they were at that frigid temperature from their cold counter. Be warned!

        3. re: deabot

          I don't like Nadege's. Haven't had Chabichou's!

          Caneles aren't common in Toronto and won't compare to ones in MTL ... not even close.

          Here's a photo of the ones from Nadege:

          1. re: jlunar

            I haven't tried the Canele's from Nadege but based on what I've had from Nadege I'm not that optimistic that they would top those in Montreal or for that matter New York!

          1. re: schmecks

            Thanks, next try, this week... Well, wednesday. i have to skip a day between pastry shopping, or else i get scared of being two bites away from diabetes...

            1. re: schmecks

              Just had one today from Chabichou.

              I thought it was quite good. If you really love cannele, then it will give you a good fix. I first had one in Paris this past summer, from Baillardran, and that was really amazing. So the one from Chabichou is not in the same league, but then again we are not in Paris :) (or in Bordeaux for that matter)

            2. The cannele I had at Nadege was like an underdone, slightly stale french cruller from Timmy's.

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              1. re: jammy

                Oh so you mean like EVERY French crueller at Timmy's ;)

                1. re: julesrules

                  Of course, but sometimes Timmy's crullers are like KD and Jello box pudding. You know it's terrible, you always regret it after you have some but once every while or so...

                  If you were raised on hamburger helper, sauerkraut and instadessert you're wired to regress every now and then whether you like it or not. ;) Keeps you in line.

                  1. re: jammy

                    Hey I get it. I end up at Timmy's often enough between hubby, kids, and coworkers. You need a default order... Mine was the crueller for a while but I got sick of the underdone staleness you described so well!

              2. Alright

                So i went today and was just pleased to get that crunchy caramel burned vanilla flavor in my mouth, but was underwhelmed by the size of it. Why so small? ... I guess they are cute, but this is serious stuff to me, you are playing with a couple of centuries old ratio of marvellous exterior crunch and moist, soft, decadent interior... Scandalous. But momentary satisfaction was nice. Like methadone for an heroin addict i guess.

                I guess i'm gonna have to go buy another set of molds and make a batch ! So double post; where to go to find kitchen supplies at distributor prices (warehouse for restaurators\professionnals ? )

                I will try every place anyone mentions anyway, so keep sharing !

                Thank you !

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                1. re: joselitax

                  although I have not really looked in Toronto for copper molds, I don't recall seeing any. Silicon is available online but I think through U.S. distributors (maybe amazon). I gave up trying to find a place that makes decent ones in the GTA, I just make them (I bought the molds in Paris), but out of curiosity, might one day try the places suggested on this thread just to see how good (or bad) they are in comparison...would be interested to know if anyone can buy copper molds in toronto!

                    1. re: joselitax

                      I know Nikolau has metal (not copper) ones and silicone. Was there just yesterday. I believe they can order coppers ones (off hand convo I had with them last year).

                      Or if you know anyone in France, Le Baillardran has some for a pretty "good" price:

                      1. re: jlunar

                        thanks. mine are le baillardran, although i find i'm happy enough with the silicone, and it's faster to use. but it's starting to fall apart a bit so a replacement is imminent!

                      2. re: joselitax

                        Golda's Kitchen also sells the silicone and metal molds, no copper that I had seen at the time.
                        Golda's is mail order, as well as a retail shop

                      3. I've never been disappointed by Golda's but mccalls's is about a 10 minute walk from the subway if you don't have a car. Call ahead in case they need to bring it over from the warehouse (which is industry only)