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Nov 19, 2012 04:52 PM

Talk to me of the Fearrington Inn in Pittsboro

Hey all -

I just booked an overnight stay at Fearrington Inn - our 25th anniversary is at the end of May 2013, right around Memorial Day weekend. Needless to say, that time period was already booked solid, so I chose the weekend afterward. In the reservation request, I also asked for a reservation at their restaurant, and asked them advise if I need to call the restaurant directly. We'll be checking in on Saturday June 1st and checking out the following day.

If you've stayed there and eaten at the restaurant, any tips or suggestions of things to do while we are there would be much appreciated. This ain't cheap and I'd like to make the most of our brief stay.


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  1. Fearrington is a good place just to relax. There's not a ton of things to do there, but there is a spa. It's nice to walk the grounds and the surrounding area, look at the belties (cows and goats), stalk some ducks, that sort of thing. The weather will be nice so you can go for a bike ride, maybe do a little fishing in the pond. The restaurant is good and we've also enjoyed lunch at the Granary. Do show up for afternoon tea. They serve tea sandwiches and other little treats along with the tea and coffee. They have a nice little bookstore there and they may have events going on. The Granary does events and classes as well, which might be worth looking into.

    We've spent an anniversary there in the past and plan to hole up there for a few days over the upcoming holidays, gorging ourselves at the restaurant, catching up on some reading, and completely unplugging. We may have some more thoughts for you when we get back from there.

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      Get dressed up for dinner, have fun with it. I like to wear one of my tuxedos when I go. It's one of the fancier nice places to eat so taking advantage of it is a good thing.

      I like to show up at the bar early. The sommelier has typically been well informed, so taking some time to chat with her/him about what you like to drink can be rewarding.

      Dinersaurus has good tips. It's been a favorite romantic hideaway for a number of people I've known over at least 20 years now.

    2. Are you from out of town and asking for things to do around the more general area while you are here? Or are you specifically talking about on-property activities? As noted by the others, it is not a high-action property. There are some little boutique shops on the grounds and some animals in the fields. You are short drives away from shopping, other dining, and the UNC Chapel Hill campus. Or were you just referring to the restaurant experience itself?

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        We live in Hillsborough and I work in Chapel Hill, so no, not from out of town. Just haven't done this particular thing before and want to make sure we use the brief time we are there to its best advantage. Thanks everyone for the info! My husband will enjoy browsing the bookstore, and I'm sure we'll do some walking if the weather is OK.

        The confirmation letter I got from the hotel suggested looking at the spa services, but dude's not a spa kinda guy :), and due to the occasion, things we can do together are in order here. Any info on what's best to order at the restaurant would be great too - and we do plan on doing the afternoon tea. What is the breakfast like?

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          Mos spas have activities for couples that are designed to be "dude" friendly, like ....couples massages. Helps to set that romantic tone.

          Um, it's trite, but the chocolate souffle at Fearrington is canonical. It's always been one of those places where everything was good, so I didn't have to really worry about what's best to order. If you have food allergies or issues, you should call them a week or so ahead of time.

          1. re: fussycouple

            Thanks - no food issues at all, fortunately. I am wondering how we're going to swing afternoon tea AND dinner at 7 pm, though. I don't want to not be hungry for dinner when the time comes.

            And the spa is just going to be a big 'no' with the man, so we'll figure out something. I do know he'll enjoy seeing the cows and the goats ...

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              Afternoon tea and dinner shouldn't be a problem for you. The treats are small, you choose what you want, and of course, you don't have to eat everything that's offered to you. :)

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                I've been told that there are world-class croquet, bocce, and petanque facilities in the village. I have no idea what access/rules would be like for a non-resident; it may be a "guest of a member" sort of set up.

        2. I ate there once, about ten years ago. I remember it as being superb--quite probably the best fine dining I've ever had--but a bit strange. The meal consisted of several small courses, and the wait staff wore name tags announcing the country they were originally from (the staff was very international).