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Nov 19, 2012 04:32 PM

Has anyone tried Slow Roasted Turkey w/40 cloves of garlic from the Splendid Table website?

Looking for people who have specifically tried this recipe. I am planning on taking advantage of turkey sales and making a turkey Friday. I am having Thanksgiving at a friend's house so I don't need menu ideas. Just looking forward to roast turkey, salad and veggies for a few nights (and of course sandwiches).

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  1. I have not, but just be careful with any 40 clove recipe. My aunt and uncle did a 40 clove slow cooker chicken recipe but didn't quite understand the anatomy of garlic, and got 'clove' and 'head' mixed up. They popped it in the slow cooker and left for a few hours to come home to the most garlic smelling house possibly ever. Clouds of garlic smoke. Wonder how they even fit 40 heads of garlic into a chicken.

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      There is no way 40 heads of garlic could go IN a chicken. No Way.

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        I wouldn't make that mistake because the recipe is specific in calling for 4 to 5 heads of garlic.