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Nov 19, 2012 03:52 PM

Dark and Light Banana Bread

Can anyone help me. Every time I bake banana bread the bottom of the bread is dark and the top s light. Almost like it is split down the center. I have used all different types of pans so that cannot be the reason.

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  1. Are you talking just the crust, or the interior as well?

    1. Which level is your oven rack set at? Maybe the bottom of the pan is too close to the heat source .

      1. I experience the same thing, and assumed it is the nature of banana bread. Buy the way, the split down the middle is to be expected. Worry that the batter was overmixed if the split doesn't happen.

        1. Mine rises so much that I have started cooking it in a bundt pan. Because of all the eggs and baking powder I add, it rises over the side of a bread pan. The split is just where kept rising as the bottom just sat and baked. Have you tried a cake pan, or just different bread pans?

          1. Mine always splits as well, but it doesn't bother me. To keep the loaf from getting too dark, I double up on the loaf pans (place the filled one inside an empty one), and I put the loaf pans on top of one of my airbake cookie sheets.