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Nov 19, 2012 02:49 PM

Best Mexican Food in Downtown Napa

I am looking for a place where Mexicans eat. Nothing fancy, just good tacos, enciladas, guacamole and rellenos. Any ideas?

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  1. My favorites are not downtown, and each place does one thing better than others. La Playita on Old Sonoma is my all around favorite, and not far from downtown. Just a good, reliable taqueria, doing all of your suggestions well. Some may say Tres Hermanos, or Don Perico, downtown, but I'm not a fan of either. Wishing La Mixteca was still around.

    1. Villa Corona is also a bit outside of downtown. I am a big fan of their Vacaville locations. They are all run by the same family. They make great carnitas and all of the standard dishes.

      1. The Mexicans don't eat in downtown.


        They eat at Tacos La Playita on Old Sonoma Road. Or Rancho Grande on Silverado Trail. Or the truck, Tacos Michoacan, which hangs out on Lincoln. Or Tacqueria La Jerazana on Jefferson.

        The locals who want Mexican downtown tend to go to Taqueria Rosita on Main Street.