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Nov 19, 2012 02:02 PM

A twist on pumpkin soup, or just twisted?

Question for folks with more experienced palates than mine:

I got a bug for some pumpkin soup recently, but didn't have some of the spices I wanted for it. Then inspiration hit me... we had a carton of Pacific Phó chicken soup broth in the cabinet. It had most of the spices I wanted already - cardamom, coriander, anise, ginger... why wouldn't it be a suitable replacement for plain old chicken or veggie broth?

Results were so-so... I added a little salt and pepper and that helped. A dash of soy sauce improved it a bit more, but it was definitely missing something.

So how about it folks - any of you brave enough to give it a try and help me figure out what I'm missing? Is this just a bad idea all the way around?



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  1. Did you do this as a cream based soup? I love experimenting with pumpkin soup but I feel that they always need to be finished off with cream and it does seem that every pumpkin squash soup recipe I come across is always cream based too.

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    1. re: swfood

      I did not. I did add some butter - I'll consider adding cream next time. Thanks!

      1. re: EvenStranger

        I've seen a lot of pumpkin soups that call for coconut milk instead of cream, as well. I also think the coconut milk would pair well with the spices that were in the broth. I also usually saute some onions that go into the soup and are simmered with the rest of it. Puree when done, and you won't notice them but the flavor will be better.