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Nov 19, 2012 01:55 PM

One dinner, one bar, one birthday, one borough

I'm celebrating my birthday this year with many friends coming in from out of town/the country. I want a fun night with minimal to'ing and fro'ing between neighborhoods. At the moment I'm thinking Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill (a bit too stroller-happy?) OR Prospect Heights OR Williamsburg (for the Manhattanites).

For dinner I'd like something that can hold a group (6-15ppl), is not expensive (hey, it's the holidays), and maybe even BYOB. We pretty much eat anything, but I wouldn't want to go to a specialist restaurant i.e. just seafood. Off the top of my head I'm considering Paulie Gee's if we do Gpoint/Wburg or Buschenschank in Cobble Hill.

While I love an incredible speakeasy or cocktail bar, I know they're not always the best for groups, but I absolutely want a bar that serves cocktails and isn't just one big beer menu. At the moment I'm thinking Rye in Wburg or Weather Up in Prospect Heights.

If anyone would like to help plan my night and my route, I would greatly appreciate it!

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