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Nov 19, 2012 12:53 PM

Thanksgiving shortcuts you like (ie stove top stuffing)

The one thing I can confess to liking is the green bean casserole. Not sure if I actually like it so much as it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. Otherwise, Thanksgiving is really one meal that we utilize real recipes for everything from the rolls to the fresh cranberry sauce to the freshly whipped cream. Now that I'm spending my first Thanksgiving with my new fiance, I'm amazed that he asked for...canned corn?! I've heard of families (even some gourmande friends) who like stovetop stuffing as tradition. Just curious any other "shortcuts" you love on your Thanksgiving table.

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  1. We always get a can of cranberry sauce for the sole purpose of spreading it on sandwiches the next day. It always gets opened Thanksgiving day, a little scoop will be missing from it and it gets put in the fridge only to be spread on the mayo for sandwiches the next day!

    1. I serve both homemade and canned cranberry sauce.and I agree with tiffeecanoe- the canned IS good on sandwhiches. I also serve canned corn as one of the vegetables. The TJ canned corn is pretty good- and we are feeding lots of kids, and most of them like corn, if nothing else. Never stove top stuffing- it is nothing but salt!

      1. I make my own gravy now but I always keep a couple of emergency bottles of gravy back for those who need "gravy soup" - I mix down with my own if needed.

        1. Le Sueur tiny peas with mushrooms and onions, in the silver can. I have to get a couple of cans of those, or I get complaints.

          1. Canned vegetables or Stove Top or bagged stuffing cubes: never. But canned cranberry sauce is fine by me, especially the whole berry kind for the dinner. I like Saralee Cranberry Mustard or TJ's Cranberry-Apple butter for the sandwiches.

            Costco's pumpkin pie - couldn't make it for what they charge, and it's a darn good rendition, to boot.