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Nov 19, 2012 12:33 PM

Reduced sugar pumpkin pie?


I am wondering if I can reduce the sugar in my pumpkin pie this thanksgiving. Most recipes call for 1 and 3/4 cups pumpkin puree and 3/4 cups sugar. Can I just increase the puree to 2 cups and reduce the sugar to 1/2 of a cup? Has anyone done this? Thanks.

Also, not interested in sugar substitutes. I just like my desserts less sweet.

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  1. Don't increase puree - 1/4 sugar will not make that much difference volume wise.

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    1. re: FrankJBN

      What if I actually want more squash flavor? Could I increase the puree if I wanted to?

      1. re: Feta_Compli

        For more squash flavor increase the spices. :) But if it is really the squash you want to taste, as opposed to pumpkin spice, try to use a dryer or more concentrated puree. Are you using canned, or making your own puree? One of the other pumpkin threads referenced an NYT article by Melisa Clark on the best squash.

    2. If you want a more pronounced "pumpkin" flavor use butternut squash and sweet potato instead.

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          Kabocha is my favorite. It's Clark's 3rd favorite. Both of us think it's on the dry side, so the puree should be as concentrated as possible. I usually steam mine. Baking can enhance some flavors, though it makes it even dryer.

          Last time I made muffins with kabocha, I just cubed it, leaving skin on, and microwaved it, then pureed with food mill. The skin has flavor, but adds dark specks to the puree, which is ok in a muffin, but not what I'd expect in a pie.