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Nov 19, 2012 12:22 PM

Best bets dining in Nelson, Wanaka, Blenheim, Queenstown

We're headed to the South Island in January ... I read about lots of great options in Queenstown area (Amisfield, The Bunker, Fergberger) but my list for Nelson, Wanaka, and Blenheim needs help. Any thoughts on the best bets for these areas? Thanks!

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  1. Lucky you!!! The South Island is so stunning.
    Nelson - Hopgoods and The Grape Escape are worth a visit. There is a German place I went to a long time again which was really good, I think it still exists.
    In Blenheim I really enjoyed Wairau River a couple of years ago or take a picnic to Forrest Estate and enjoy the grounds and wine.
    Have a great time