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Nov 19, 2012 12:20 PM

Report –Wiseguy NY Pizza DC

One of the few dishes I can test for authenticity is New York pizza. Unless there are subtle differences lost on me, NY pizza is the same as the pizza I grew up eating in Central Jersey and the Jersey Shore. Wiseguy NY Pizza at 300 Massachusetts Ave NW promises authentic NY pizza by the slice so I had to try it.

I ordered one plain cheese slice, which was $3 even with tax. It is an authentic NY slice of pizza, no doubt, and it was perfect. I won’t argue with anyone who prefers different styles of pizza, but if you like this type, and I do, I don’t think you’ll find anything better. My go-to place is typically Tony’s New York pizza in Fair Lakes/Fairfax, which I usually think is almost-but-not-quite as good as the real thing. Wiseguy, despite the name that sounds a bit too cutesy, is the real thing.


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  1. I'll have to try their plain cheese but their white pizza was not very good. Maybe it was sitting out for too long but the ricotta was really dry.

    1. Good to hear. We have seen that place "opening soon" for a while, and were excited since I much prefer NY pizza over the ubiquitous Neapolitan pizza (which VERY few here know how to authentically do).

      1. I had a cheese slice, too. I thought it was decent, passable, but not exactly perfect to me, a diehard pizza lover. If I could, I'd eat pizza everyday. So my test is, "would I come here everyday?" and the answer would be probably not.

        The good - the crust is pretty prototypical and well cooked, too. I do like a well-done slice, and all of the pies laid out looked pretty good to me.

        the meh - the sauce was overly sweet, distractly so. some of the slices with toppings (I saw pepperoni and some sort of chicken one) looked like they were collapsing and soggy which is why I stuck with a plain slice.

        Certainly better than most slice options in the city with the exception of Pete's. And when I'm in the mood for a slice, it'll do.

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          Oh. Would you rate this below Pete's? I think Pete's is pretty good, but not good enough where I'm like, "I want Pete's!". Typically, I just resign myself to not eating pizza (though I will say I liked New Haven's pizza the best of any DC pizza - the crust has been the best).

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            This qualifies as the "real" deal NY style slice pizza. That does not mean it is the best NY slice pizza. As anybody from up there knows, each place has it's own different "recipe", following a general style. I would not compare it to Pete's, which is New Havan style and a different animal. I liked it, but agree they could cut back on the sauce sweetness a bit. I’ll go again and again, and am quite happy this place exists, satisfying a long unmet craving here in DC. Note – a mob scene at lunchtime.

          2. Born & bred New Yorker here. We had dinner at Wiseguys last week: a full pie and the salad sampler and garlic knots for $30. I thought it was as good as (but not any better than) The Italian Store in Arlington.

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              Have to admit I forgot about The Italian Store when I did my report. I also now realize I also forgot about Vace. I like them both: The Italian Store pizza (though it's been years since I had a slice) and Vace. Thanks for reminding me.

              But the emphasis of my orginial post, which I may not have stated well, is that Wiseguys is *exactly* like the good New York (or at least New Jersey/Boarwalk) pizza I grew up with, which is slighly different from The Italian Store or Vace and a very welcome addition to DC.

              1. re: KeithW

                Tried a plain slice as well as a sausge and I will have to agree with you. Very stellar and worth going to again and again. I'm just glad there's an alternative to Fuel within walking distance.

            2. I live walking distance to Wiseguy, which is dangerous for any former New Yorker that is constantly craving delicious pizza and garlic knots. On opening week, they had these pomodoro bread sticks, that were amazing - but I haven't seen them again the past few times I've been back.

              I keep ordering the meatball slice - can't get enough.