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Nov 19, 2012 11:51 AM

Shun Bob Kramer Knives - Reviews?

Anyone have these knives and can give me your opinion of them? Thanks ahead of time!

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  1. The Shun Bob Kramer or the Henckels Bob Kramer? Averagely speaking, the Henckels one (carbon steel) get better reviews than the Shun ones.

    As for the Shun Bob Kramer knives, there are two versions. The Euro/Sur La Table one:

    and the Asian Meji/Williams Sonoma one:$%28KGrHqV,!i...

    I believe Williams Sonoma have stopped carrying them.

    Among the knife community, the Shun ones are not good. They are not bad knives in term of quality control, but they don't resemble Kramer's real knives in term of geometry, so they are not good replicates. This does not mean they are horrible. You may in fact prefer the Shun interpretation of Kramer knives instead of the true Kramer knives.

    We have a few discussions if you are interested:

    1. I gave my impressions here, after visiting SLT & W-S:

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        Thanks. I was hoping you would drop in.