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Nov 19, 2012 11:08 AM

Private Room for Celebration, NW DC, Bethesda, SS

I know this has been discussed here before, but I already did a search and am now looking for some updated recommendations!

We are planning a private marriage ceremony earlier in the day and then would like to celebrate with dinner for 20-25 people in a private room in a nearby restaurant. We're especially looking for something more moderate (Ardeo, Firefly, Nage, or even less expensive) than high-end, but are open to exploring all options.

Would like to stick with anywhere in NW DC (or Capitol Hill maybe), Bethesda, or Silver Spring. This will be in January, so unfortunately no rooftops or terraces.

Thank you!

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  1. Firefly actually has a private room---so you can explore that option.

    A few other places to consider: Darlington House, Lincoln, Urbana, and Bistro D'Oc (this would be particularly nice in January because there is a fire place).

    1. Ris is worth considering, but it might be more high-end than moderate. Good food, good service, nice space.

      1. We had our rehearsal dinner at Addie's in 2005 and it was excellent - great service. If you have 25 it might not be possible, though. Blacksalt was supposed to have a private room. They were delayed back then and so I'm not sure if they ever finished it (I'm guessing that they did). Congrats!

        1. I think Dino says they have "semi-private" space, FWIW.