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Nov 19, 2012 10:40 AM

lunch on Nassau

I've got a couple of hours between flights on Nassau and want a good lunch experience. From
my research online it looks like 4 restaurants would suit me best--Charlie's Place, Chef Chea's
Corner, Circa 1890 and Indigo Cafe. Any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. Cafe Matisse (though they might be closed for vacation). We loved Athena Cafe. The best is the Graycliff Hotel but that wouldn't really be fun on your own.

    1. Not sure when you are coming here, but if you only have a couple hours at lunch time, you will not have time to get to Chef Chea's, Matisse, Graycliff, or Athena, as they are all downtown and it can, at times, take an hour to get there. Circa is gone, Indigo is gone, I don't know about Charlie's - never hear of it.

      From the airport, I would suggest Blue Caviar by Lyford Cay for a yummy French lunch, or Beach Club Cafe for a beautiful view, yummy margaritas and mojitos, and thin crust stone oven pizzas.