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Nov 19, 2012 10:41 AM


For those who for some reason dont watch this show, Chowhound got a direct shout-out in last night's episode in reference to Desatel's Crawfish Ravioli.

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  1. I'll see it tonight. But this season I've just lost interest in it. Too many characters, too many story lines, too much switching back and forth. Too much predictability also. I'm glad next season will be the last...its kind of run its course.

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      To each their own, I guess. I'm finding it more engaging than ever. Plus, the food threads seem to playing an even bigger role this season.

    2. I caught that too, pretty cool! :-)

      1. I have a love hate relationship with that show. Didn't see this weeks episode yet.

        1. Saw the last episode, and liked it better than anything else they did this season..It was good enough that it should have been the series finale...not sure what they will do with a truncated final season next year. I actually thought that there was more food stuff in the last season than this one. The problem with the Desautel story line was that you knew exactly what would happen from the moment it began. That was one of my main objections to the series this surprises, everything was completely predictable. Still, great acting. A few characters are still a joy to watch...but there's at least one whom I desperately wish would wander off the set and end up on Walking Dead, where they would know how to use his character......