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Nov 19, 2012 10:17 AM

Tea pot-kettle: does such an animal exist?

I have a porcelain teapot for steeping tea and a copper/stainless steel tea kettle for boiling water. Both work great, and I love them for what they're meant for.

However, in additional to classic black/green teas, I've also started steeping other plants for medicinal purposes: fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, olive leaf, etc. With these, I want to steep for much longer periods of time than regular tea to extract as much of their active ingredients as possible. I can either let them sit in my teapot for a half hour (by which time the tea starts getting cold) or I can simmer them on very low heat in a small, generic pot. I then either poor directly into a mug (a little awkward since my pot doesn't have a spout or groove for the purpose) or pour into my teapot for serving.

What I'd love is something shaped like a teapot/kettle that I can use to boil water, simmer tea (on the stovetop) *and* is good for serving at a table. An oven to table teapot, if you will.

I haven't been able to find anything like this and am wondering if anyone here can think of an elegant solution. I could just buy a second stainless steel teapot for the purpose I suppose (I don't want to have to muck about with cleaning out the kettle that I use solely for boiling water), but these don't hold heat particularly well and aren't necessarily attractive for serving.

Hope this makes sense--thanks for your help!

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  1. hi - you might need to visit resale shops and garage sales or similar (ebay?), I recall back in the late 70s to early 80s, Corningware had a little pot that matched their casserole dishes. I don't recall what they had for a lid, if they even had one. Do a search on ebay for "corning ware tea pot" and lots come up.

    2 other options I can think of are an insulated coffee carafe (hard to clean?) or an immersion coffee warmer (not exactly table worthy?).

    i'm going to put a caution on my corningware answer - scrolled down the google page and saw this -

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      I was going to suggest the little Corningware teapot. Mine has a metal lid.

      Another option would be to look for a little pan with a spout.

      A quick google search revealed that you can get a detachable silicone pouring spout which fits on the side of a saucepan.

    2. What about the type of pot they use in Turkey for tea:

      You could steep things in the upper pot and keep a low flame under the lower pot

      1. do you use a tea cozy?

        How about a couple of terry dish towels wrapped around the tea pot to keep it warm?

        How about putting on an electric hot pad?