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Nov 19, 2012 10:08 AM

Gluten free gravy

My wife has Celiac. Sick of glossy, cornstarch-thickened sauces, I've been fiddling with gravy made from gluten free roux. I've gotten okay results, but can't seem to hide the odd aftertaste that GF flour leaves. Has anybody mastered this?
By the way, you CANNOT reheat GF gravy. It becomes a bitter, grainy disaster.

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    1. I can relate - I have celiac. I do not use cornstarch in gravy but rather sorghum as I find the flavour more closely mimics the flavour/texture of wheat flour in gravy (either stirring it in or use in a roux). Have you tried white rice flour? It is very bland and mild.

      Having said that, I have made gravy very rarely since my diagnosis. Instead I almost always just throw some white (or red, depending on the protein) wine with the drippings, reduce until slightly thickened, then finish with butter. Of course this is not gravy but the sauce is delicious with meats. This way I can re-heat and there is no issue with the odd aftertaste/texture of some GF starches/flours.

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        You had me at red wine, butter, and pan drippings.

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          ETA: Believe me, I've tried every possible GF option there is. And this (naturally gluten free version) is best.

      2. I usually deglaze the pan with stock and reduce a bit to concentrate the flavors (wine is a great addition!!!) and blend (immersion blender,) with some roasted veggies to thicken it.

        1. I'm grateful for the inventive sauce suggestions. I was just hoping to give my wife something that felt like old time Thanksgiving gravy. Probably not happening. The search goes on. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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            i've had great results with sweet rice flour (as discussed in the Serious Eats link). just be sure to use a good superfine product like Koda Farms Blue Star Mochiko, or Authentic Foods.

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              I agree - and those are exactly the two brands I'd recommend. I've fed superfine rice flour gravy to a whole SLEW of gluten eaters over the past few years. Not one of them has even noticed that it's "different" and it's always enthusiastically consumed. And if you've got a top notch turkey stock to work with, and some good butter, and you can make a can you go wrong?

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                I agree with the rice flour roux. I also feed it to the whole family. I use glutinous rice flour, but I know GHG isn't a fan of it for gravy. 10g butter, 7g flour and 85g liquid will give you a very thick gravy. You shouldn't have any issues whatsoever reheating.

            2. Another alternative that doesn't rely on starch for thickening at all (and is really delicious) is a puree of roasted, caramelized shallots and onions. Saute sliced onions and halved shallots, and if you're roasting a turkey (vs. smoking, grilling, frying, etc.), chuck them under the rack it's on partway through. Add some stock so they don't burn. After the turkey is out, strain the liquid and defat it, then add the roasted onion/shallot mix back to the drippings and whiz with an immersion blender (or use a blender or food processor), then thin with hot stock and season.

              The only caveat is that it's a bit sweet from the roasted onions, and some might not care for that. And of course, you can add wine to the drippings, a splash of cream at the end, etc. as you wish.