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Nov 19, 2012 09:39 AM

Firefly Kitchens sauerkraut & workshops

Has anybody tried the Firefly Kitchens sauerkraut (got it at PCC (Puget Consumer Co-op) or been to one of their sauerkraut workshops? They use all natural fermenting techniques. The 2 styles I've tried, Classic and Cortido, have been over-the-moon CRAZY good. Fridge space has constrained me to trying just 2 at a time.

Haven't been to their workshop yet. Now that I've found out about the brilliant Pickl-It jars ( ) I'm getting antsy to experiment, knowing that I can still buy the Firefly goodness to satisfy my craving.

Next goal: recreate Aunt Alice's sauerkraut soup.

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  1. Firefly makes amazing stuff. I really really love their kimchi too! I had no idea they did workshops, that is awesome!

    1. I think the Cortido is my favorite. Watch for their seasonals. They did a Holiday Kraut with cranberries, orange and ginger that was incredible.

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      1. re: Jeri L

        was the orange and ginger this year? or should I just stop salivating right now? that does it, I'll just have to ditch something from the fridge, then. Or find a "stacking device" that will fit the jars, that could be workable.

        antennastoheaven, could you comment on what the kimchi is like? I love most fermented pickle flavors but have never tried traditional kimchi as I'm a big wuss when it comes to fishy taste beyond common things like halibut or salmon, e.g. can't manage pickled herring or sardines,

        One of the big advantages to the Firefly workshop (for me) would be being able to do a taste-test of their various products.

        1. re: axial

          The Holiday Kraut was last year, but I'm hoping it makes an encore. Some of these special editions only get sold at farmer's markets and through Full Circle Farm.

          1. re: axial

            If you dislike traditional kimchi, you might like Firefly's. I am not a fan, because it lacks the 'fermentiness' and 'fishiness' (I'd call it savory, but it certainly comes from the dried shrimp traditionally used). I'm actually surprised to see so much love for Firefly, because I have similar issues with the inauthenticity of their cortido--lack of flavor, blandness. But to each their own! I have a lot of respect for what they do, but just wish I liked the actual pickles better.

            1. re: axial

              The kimchi is vegan, so no fishy flavors whatsoever! As compared to traditional kimchi, I'd say it's sweeter (though not sugary) and "cleaner" tasting to my palate. It's spicy and funky and I find myself using it on salads and sandwiches. May not be authentic but I find it really tasty and versatile.

              I've seen Firefly at local farmer's markets - I know they used to be at Ballard most Sundays, not sure if they still are. They are great about sampling out all their products.

              1. re: antennastoheaven

                I'll agree with Antennas... I go through about a jar a month of their kimchi. It isn't especially authentic, but it certainly is good. It has a nice balance between vegetal and sweet/sour, has a slightly crisp consistency, and fills a roll very close to spicy pickle, but with a bit more versatility. I use it most often in soups, and in scrambled eggs, or just tossed into a bit of rice as a snack. I've also used it in place of relish in tuna salad once or twice, which was novel, but probably not as actually good as chopped pickle.