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Nov 19, 2012 08:32 AM

[Liverpool] Delifonseca

The Stanley Street deli now seems to be trading as Fonseca, leaving the original name to be used at the Dockside branch. And it was at Stanley Street that we had lunch. We’d checked the menu outside and I’d have been happy with one of the salad or sandwich offerings but the specials board listed a number of more substantial game dishes. So that was me sorted.

Breast of wild mallard, pan fried, was excellent. Mallard can be a tricky bugger to get right. Not having much fat can mean it can quickly become dry but the chef had got this bang-on at medium rare. Moist and nicely gamey, this was everything you want from a wild bird. Portion size of the accompaniments was a bit restrained – some sautéed new potatoes, a few chunks of chorizo and a scattering of sun dried tomatoes. I knew I was going to still be peckish when I’d finished but I’d already clocked a lovely sounding dessert on the blackboard.

My partner decided to stick with something more snacky – to be precise, a very good Welsh rarebit. Two slices, tasty cheese and their own homemade Worcestershire sauce. Came with the ubiquitous chunky chips (whatever happened to proper chip sized chips, I ask myself) and an unadvertised small handful of salad leaves. They rendered the herb salad that she’d ordered as somewhat redundant, which was just as well as it didn’t turn up in spite of being chased. To be fair, they did offer to comp it ,if it did arrive, but she told them to forget it as, by now, she’d eaten the rarebit.

So, back to this lovely sounding dessert – raspberry & ginger jelly, mixed berry pannacotta and stem ginger ice-cream. Or, yeah, we were both having some of that. They’d made the jelly and pannacotta as a single item, - the jelly in the base of the tin, pannacotta on top. Nice presentation – the pannacotta really fruity if a little too solid in texture; but the jelly needed more of a whack from ginger. Ice cream was a belter, with little flecks of ginger in it.

Service was good. And then there was the deli in the basement to nosy round.

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  1. Pleased to see Delifonseca has been awarded the Good Food Guide's "Readers Restaurant of the Year".

    Tough opposition, this year, I reckon. I've eaten at two of the other shortlisted places - Erics in Hudersfield and the Seahorse at Dartmouth and rate both highly

    1. Sounds good Harters, but is this what we've got to accept? That a salad doesn't turn up and it's still OK? The London is slow to leave me...

      Anyhows. Just to announce the asparagus has arrived at Claremont Farm by Clatterbridge on t'Wirral. Just had some for tea. It's ace!!!!

      Seriously - go to the Farm Shop and get yourself a duck egg to melt on top and you will be a very happy Harters! They've got gorgeous black bacon too.

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      1. re: helen b

        Cock-ups happen. What earned Brownie points with Mrs H in this case was the quick acceptance that a clanger had been dropped, with apology and an offer to rectify (always difficult in such circumstances).

        Thanks for the Claremont tip. I'll swap you the Cheshire Smokehouse, near Wilmlsow, which has local asparagus, good middle cut bacon (smoked, on the premises of course) and Wilmlsow Porkies - a truly fine breakfast sausage.