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Nov 19, 2012 08:30 AM

Where to buy freeze dried corn - South Bay

Does anyone know where to buy freeze dried corn in the South Bay? I tried the new Whole Foods on Blossom Hill and they didn't have any, so before I go on a wild goose chase I'm hoping if anyone knows a place that sells it. (Trader Joe's, another Whole Foods, Sprouts?

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  1. Let me guess--- are you making Momofuku's Compost Cookies? :-) Market and Rye in West Portal actually makes a cookie inspired by Momofuku's, but it's no where near as good.

    Back to your question, someone on the LA board asked this a few months back and didn't have luck at TJ's and WF's. Apparently they have it at REI:

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      Close! I'm making the Crack Pie and Corn Cookies :D

      Ooooh great call on the camping stores...would never have guessed to check there!

      I dug around some more on the internet and it looks like I might have just been looking at the wrong place at Whole Foods. The brand "Just Tomatoes" lists all of the local Whole Foods, but it looks like Whole Foods places them in the dried fruit and nut aisle, not in the bulk or the grain/flour aisle.

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        And if you need more, survivalist stores sell it in #10 cans.

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        Went to REI (San Francisco) yesterday and they didn't have it. The REI website lists several Just... products but corn is not among them, so they may not carry it anymore. Has anyone seen it at REI recently?

      3. I got some at Target the other day--their house brand Archer Farms, so I assume they have it at most branches.

        1. I just had this for the first time yesterday. A friend bought some at Savory Spice Shop in Santa Rosa where it was promoted to her as a palate cleanser when wine tasting. It serves that purpose well though the price is somewhat prohibitive. But I loved the sweet, intensely corn flavor and the light, puffy texture.

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            Today I found "Just Corn" at a local supermarket. Four ounces for $4.50 or half the unit price as Savory Spice. It's made in California's Central Valley. The "Just Tomatoes" website lists many stores that carry the product line.

          2. Question, how is freeze-dried corn different from dried corn? The time-honored brand of the latter is from Amish country in Pennsylvania, Cope's Dried Corn, available online.

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              Freeze-dried corn is puffed up and airy, lightly crisp to the bite. It's for eating out of hand and does not need to be cooked or processed. It's made from sweet corn and has the same taste as fresh. You can reconstitute it (soak for 30 mins) for cooking or serving in hot dishes but I'm enjoying it as a snack food.