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Nov 19, 2012 08:22 AM

I love all Alton Brown....but

I typically follow a lot of what Alton Brown does...recently I saw his mashed potato recipe called for thinly slicing the potatoes and soaking them the night before. When I went online to print out the recipe, I found he did mashed potatoes 4 different ways....what are your thoughts regarding soaking the buds the night before? (Due to the high starch content) and that is what makes them "gluey"
Thanks in advance and happy Turkey day everyone!

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  1. When doing mashed, no soaking for me.
    And I;ve never ever ever had a problem.

    Idaho russets. Peel and cut into equal sized pieces if using big pototoes.

    Bring to boil and when done drain, then back into the hot pan to flash off excess moisture , then mash by hand. Add copious warm butter, cream, salt, pepper and usually granulated garlic or peeled garlic cloves that boiled with the potatoes and then are mashed in.

    For au gratin, I use a mandolin and then soak russet potato slices in cold water to prevent drying and browning but never overnight.

    Sounds like someone is making a simple process far more complex than it needs to be with no ROI.

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      I love alton too - but this is a bit over the top. Just make sure the milk or creme is warm and forget about the rest of it.

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        Thanks guys... seems like an email I sent out to friends who cook are saying similar things...!

    2. One good thing about that method is that it leaches out the potassium so if you have a special diet like renal patients do, other than that I do not see the purpose of doing so.