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Nov 19, 2012 08:06 AM

Vinhus (Roselle Park) Downhill Alert!

This past Saturday night we went to Vinhus for the first time an awhile. I used to really like this place--food was a cut above the other Portugese places in the area, and the services was competent and friendly. That has all changed. Our disastrous experience on Saturday night was something out of Kitchen Nightmares. We were seated for a good 15 minutes before our waitress came over, and she was not yet ready to take our order. Someone brought the bread basket, no water until we asked. When she came back, the waitress did not write the order down, had to come back to confirm, further delaying things. They had two salmon preps on the menu--one was a special that night, which my wife ordered. The prep from the standard menu was what came out, and the piece of salmon was a fraction of the size of that which the special delivered. We sent it back, they returned it with the original piece of salmon, which now had the texture of parchment, haphazardly thrown together with the specialty sides. I complaint to the owner, he said he would take care of it, but nothing was done. When I got the check, we were billed for the full price of the two dinners.

Stay far, far away from here!

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  1. We had a very different experience on Saturday night. Went there for the first time, saw a room full of people appearing to be enjoying themselves. Service was attentive throughout, and our meals - we both had different steak specials - were well above average if not outstanding.
    The only complaint I have was that our server asked 'would you like to try our goat cheese tonight' without telling us we'd be charged $4 for it. It was decent cheese, and a fair portion for $4, but still....
    We left thinking we were sorry we'd not gone there before, and that we'd be back.