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Nov 19, 2012 07:49 AM

Cheap Eats Dinner for Tuesday Night

My girlfriend and I are staying near N Michigan and East Ohio Street and were wondering what would be a great Chicago style cheap eats restaurant to eat out at. We don't mind walking or jumping on the CTA. We've had the deep dish pizza and are thinking Americna contemporary or Mexican. Thanks for your help!

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  1. There are lots of great choices near there that are not terribly expensive. Here are half a dozen, all within a ten-minute walk from Ohio and Michigan.

    My top pick is Sable, where you'll find contemporary American cuisine in a small plates format, along with craft cocktails. Most of the dishes are available in half-portions at reduced prices. The food is absolutely terrific; don't miss the sweet corn creme brulee, a savory riff on the classic French dessert. I've left absolutely stuffed after spending only $25-30 on food. Open for lunch and dinner, and they accept reservations on as well as by phone.

    Piccolo Sogno Due serves mid-priced Italian cuisine and it's terrific. It may be slightly more expensive than the other recommendations I'm providing here, but it's still not an expensive restaurant. Open lunch and dinner, reservations accepted on and over the phone.

    GT Oyster & Fish is excellent, serving fresh seafood in a small plates format, as well as craft cocktails. Lunch and dinner, reservations accepted on and over the phone.

    For Mexican, you could go to Frontera Grill, which is only a short walk away. They only take a handful of reservations (they book up WAY in advance) and waits for a table are typically long (90+ minutes), but you can avoid waiting by arriving 15-20 minutes before they open the doors. Open lunch and dinner, closed Sundays/Mondays. I'm not as enamored with Xoco, its sister restaurant, which serves more common "street food".

    Another choice in the area is the Purple Pig, with Mediterranean-influenced small plates. They don't take reservations and DO NOT GO during normal dinner hours unless you don't mind waiting over two hours to be seated, but if you can go mid-afternoon or VERY late at night, you won't have to deal with long waits.

    Another good choice, although the food is not quite as unusual/creative as those above, is Quartino, which serves Italian food in a small plates format. Lunch and dinner, reservations accepted on and over the phone.

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      Thank you so much nsxtasy. I think we will try Sable and I will let you know how it went. I'm loving Chicago and can't wait to come back as it's a fantastic Foodie Town with a great Chowhound community.

    2. At Michigan and E Ohio you are two seconds from Big Bowl---walk west on Ohio (starting at Eddie Bauer), cross Rush, and it's just on the other side of Harley Davidson. Excellent pan-Asian stir fries and similar. High quality due to ownership, Lettuce Entertain You, big deal chicago outfit that owns some of our fanciest restaurants. Low prices. See website online---google Lettuce Entertain You and go from there.